Website Builders vs DIY Coded Portfolio site: Photographer & Web Developer Perspective

Building your first portfolio site isn't easy, or more specifically, is harder than you might initially think. For one thing, you have to write some sort of descriptor for yourself. If you have ever had to make up an elevator pitch for yourself, you know that trying to describe yourself isn't easy. The next thing is getting the material to showcase yourself. Most fields require a résumé of some sort, with many fields looking for work examples. Putting together a set of images or article clips can take some time, especially since the set is meant to represent your best efforts. And then there's the question of appearance of your site. Most people could tell good design if there is an example in front of them. As they say, everyone's a critic. But most people don't know how to create  a good design. I'm someone in that boat. While I know how to envision coding a site for people to see, my eye for design isn't included with that. That's where website builde